Iron Eagles

7th Adventure

The Red Tide

This week our heroes returned from their separate missions and shared the adventures they experienced with their guildmates. Anthurium and Takeshi returned with a prisoner in tow. A high ranking Condotierri officer known as Isabella Dela Hoya also known as the Witch of the White Death. They related a harrowing story where the witch got the better of Takeshi who was saved only by timely intervention from Anthurium.

Kenna, Tiklak, Maya, and Fjor were eager to share their own story, relating how they saved a Brass Dragon named Rinneth from doom at the hands of a cult of Dahak. Tiklak somewhat gravely informing the party that the evil cult was also gathering some sort of objects known as the Way to Utopia which legends say is either a great treasure or terrible weapon.

Our heroes were only able to rest for a short time however, before they received a new mission from Martin. This time the guild was hired to act as a decoy for a trading ship, hoping to draw out pirates while another cargo ship made a delivery to the Genasi settlement by Mount Bolderscream. Given her experience fighting pirates, Maya was put in charge of the mission.

Within an hour our heroes were out to sea on their ship the Blue Dolphin with its captain Saiyanna Huren. Their first day of travel was quiet. On the morning of the second day they found their ship being pursued by a ship flying a red flag, marking it as a Pirate of the Red Tide. The Pirate ship soon caught up to the Dolphin and started peppering the small ship with fire. The Dolphin’s crew weathered the assault and soon found themselves in ship to ship combat. The Iron Eagles fought the pirates and their crew in amidships while the sailors of the Dolphin held the Fore and Aft. During the beginning of the battle an unknown wizard dedicated himself to countering Anthurium’s spells. Determined to find this dastard Anthurium used a divination and found the counterspelling was coming from a small figure perched on the captain’s shoulder. This creature revealed itself to be Liri, Anthurium’s rival and the same creature who threw him from the world of the fey. The battle became more pitched but it turned against the pirates and the captain used a strange watch to summon an unbelievable creature from the deeps. A Leviathan made of clockwork.

This amazing automaton grabbed the Eagles one by one and swallowed them. Only Takeshi was able to avoid this fate, turning himself invisible to avoid the construct. Faced with such a creature the crew of the Dolphin surrendered. Things looked grim indeed. Luckily Anthurium had a scroll prepared for just such an occasion. He cast Dimension Door and pulled the Eagles out of the belly of the beast and back into the battle. On their way out Anthurium and Maya dropped their tree tokens inside the creature creating two massive trees to grow hoping that they would stop it.

Upon regaining the deck the Eagles found themselves surrounded by pirates. Refusing to surrender they fought, undaunted by the large crew of pirates. The Eagles managed to slay wave after wave of pirates, however, without the support of the Dolphin’s crew, who remained disarmed and under watch the party was nearly overwhelmed. Kenna fell first, killed when a pirate’s blade found it’s mark and decapitated her killing her instantly. Fjor and Anthurium were captured next, disable by Liri’s foul magic. In a desperate attempt to turn the battle Takeshi snuck over to the enemy vessel intending to blow it up and demoralize the pirates who remained.

This left only Tiklak and Maya on the battlefield. Tiklak was quickly surrounded as the pirates pressed in on all sides. He was defiant calling for the pirates surrender even as he fought overwhelming odds. Faced with a six on one situation Tiklak refused to be broken and only his will and unfailing belief in Apsu kept him on his feet. With his deity’s hand on him Tiklak slew two more pirates single-handedly and called for their surrender once again. Thoroughly demoralized by their heavy losses and seeing the fire of Apsu in Tiklak’s eyes caused many of the pirates facing him to surrender. Cheered by this turn captain Saiya and her crew began to fight their guards. Just as the remaining pirates attempted to rally their ship blew up. Takeshi had found the powder stores. The pirates surrendered unconditionally and the giant leviathan retreated into the sea.

The victory of the Eagles was costly. Their long term companion and friend Kenna was dead. With heavy hearts, the Iron Eagles continue to the Genasi settlement at the island of Mount Bolderscream. What will await them there?


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