Anthurium Frostflame


Name: Anthurium Frostflame
Race: Azarai
Gender: Male
Height: 18"
Weight: 9 lbs
Homeland: First World


One of the High Sidhe of First World, Anthurium was cast out of his home and into the Material Plane by his fierce rival: Liri Redmist.

Liri used an ancient ritual magic to dispose of Anthurium, as his own personal magic was not powerful enough to stand up to his foe. The ritual that Liri used was an old forbidden magic locked deep away in the depths of the First World vaults. The spell was violent and painful, and almost killed Anthurium outright. Anthurium survived the ordeal however, and was ejected onto the Illa de Lilo, off the southwest coast of the land of Lurallde.

Since then, Anthurium has devoted his existence to finding his way back to First World, and settling the score.

Anthurium Frostflame

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