Ahrianna Darktree

A Half-Elf Sorceress who spent time as an apprentice at the University. She has some history with Martin and the Iron Eagles


Ahrianna is a petite half-elven woman. She has long red hair which she normally keeps in a braid. She favors loose comfortable clothing. She has runic-looking tattoos on her stomach and often wears outfits with bare midriffs to display these.


Little is known to the party about Ahrianna. Martin has described her as “an old friend” and sent a letter to her when the party went to meet her. She also apprenticed under an old wizard named Paolo at the University for a couple of years.

While she was still staying with the Iron Eagles Tiklak and Kenna heard her arguing with Martin. They were talking about someone named Sigmund and about the Pale Watch.

Ahrianna Darktree

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