Iron Eagles

7th Adventure
The Red Tide

This week our heroes returned from their separate missions and shared the adventures they experienced with their guildmates. Anthurium and Takeshi returned with a prisoner in tow. A high ranking Condotierri officer known as Isabella Dela Hoya also known as the Witch of the White Death. They related a harrowing story where the witch got the better of Takeshi who was saved only by timely intervention from Anthurium.

Kenna, Tiklak, Maya, and Fjor were eager to share their own story, relating how they saved a Brass Dragon named Rinneth from doom at the hands of a cult of Dahak. Tiklak somewhat gravely informing the party that the evil cult was also gathering some sort of objects known as the Way to Utopia which legends say is either a great treasure or terrible weapon.

Our heroes were only able to rest for a short time however, before they received a new mission from Martin. This time the guild was hired to act as a decoy for a trading ship, hoping to draw out pirates while another cargo ship made a delivery to the Genasi settlement by Mount Bolderscream. Given her experience fighting pirates, Maya was put in charge of the mission.

Within an hour our heroes were out to sea on their ship the Blue Dolphin with its captain Saiyanna Huren. Their first day of travel was quiet. On the morning of the second day they found their ship being pursued by a ship flying a red flag, marking it as a Pirate of the Red Tide. The Pirate ship soon caught up to the Dolphin and started peppering the small ship with fire. The Dolphin’s crew weathered the assault and soon found themselves in ship to ship combat. The Iron Eagles fought the pirates and their crew in amidships while the sailors of the Dolphin held the Fore and Aft. During the beginning of the battle an unknown wizard dedicated himself to countering Anthurium’s spells. Determined to find this dastard Anthurium used a divination and found the counterspelling was coming from a small figure perched on the captain’s shoulder. This creature revealed itself to be Liri, Anthurium’s rival and the same creature who threw him from the world of the fey. The battle became more pitched but it turned against the pirates and the captain used a strange watch to summon an unbelievable creature from the deeps. A Leviathan made of clockwork.

This amazing automaton grabbed the Eagles one by one and swallowed them. Only Takeshi was able to avoid this fate, turning himself invisible to avoid the construct. Faced with such a creature the crew of the Dolphin surrendered. Things looked grim indeed. Luckily Anthurium had a scroll prepared for just such an occasion. He cast Dimension Door and pulled the Eagles out of the belly of the beast and back into the battle. On their way out Anthurium and Maya dropped their tree tokens inside the creature creating two massive trees to grow hoping that they would stop it.

Upon regaining the deck the Eagles found themselves surrounded by pirates. Refusing to surrender they fought, undaunted by the large crew of pirates. The Eagles managed to slay wave after wave of pirates, however, without the support of the Dolphin’s crew, who remained disarmed and under watch the party was nearly overwhelmed. Kenna fell first, killed when a pirate’s blade found it’s mark and decapitated her killing her instantly. Fjor and Anthurium were captured next, disable by Liri’s foul magic. In a desperate attempt to turn the battle Takeshi snuck over to the enemy vessel intending to blow it up and demoralize the pirates who remained.

This left only Tiklak and Maya on the battlefield. Tiklak was quickly surrounded as the pirates pressed in on all sides. He was defiant calling for the pirates surrender even as he fought overwhelming odds. Faced with a six on one situation Tiklak refused to be broken and only his will and unfailing belief in Apsu kept him on his feet. With his deity’s hand on him Tiklak slew two more pirates single-handedly and called for their surrender once again. Thoroughly demoralized by their heavy losses and seeing the fire of Apsu in Tiklak’s eyes caused many of the pirates facing him to surrender. Cheered by this turn captain Saiya and her crew began to fight their guards. Just as the remaining pirates attempted to rally their ship blew up. Takeshi had found the powder stores. The pirates surrendered unconditionally and the giant leviathan retreated into the sea.

The victory of the Eagles was costly. Their long term companion and friend Kenna was dead. With heavy hearts, the Iron Eagles continue to the Genasi settlement at the island of Mount Bolderscream. What will await them there?

6th Adventure
Dragon in Distress

With the new threat of the Condottieri to the Iron Eagles Martin has taken steps to show their new enemy that they are not to be trifled with. Takeshi and Anthurium were dispatched to practice the darker side of diplomacy. While this was happening Martin sent Tiklak, Fjor, Kenna, and Maya on a courier mission. They were to meet a contact of Martin’s named Ewen in a small fishing town on the south coast named Olm. This fisherman supposedly had information on the movements of the Condottieri.

The Eagles had little trouble reaching Olm and meeting the contact for his information. They decided to stay the night at a local inn before returning home. While they slept, Fjor received a vision. He saw himself standing in a desert and heard a voice pleading for help claiming to be held captive somewhere near Olm where “a face watched the sun.” After the message a giant Kobold-like creature with black scales appeared and lunged forward as if to eat Fjor, but he woke before it could happen.

The next day when Fjor shared the dream with his companions Tiklak felt that the Kobold in the dream could represent an aspect of the rival of his deities Apsu evil deity Dahak. Feeling they should investigate the party went into the village to gather information about this place where “a face watched the sun.” They learned from the villagers that there was a landmark a mile outside of town known as the “Facehill.” A place were a carved statue head on top of a large hill looked out over the sea. The group learned there were many dark rumors surrounding this place and the townsfolk didn’t go near it.

After gathering all the rumors they could and getting directions to the Facehill the party went to investigate. When they arrived they quickly found a camp that had been recently evacuated and the entrance to some sort of ruin at the base of the hill. Finding nothing at the camp the party decided to enter the ruin and found a strange temple. The bulk of it was designed around a large statue in the center and emphasized water movement.

They weren’t in the temple for very long before the entrance collapsed trapping them in. Realizing that their only hope to escape was to find a way though the temple they set about solving its puzzles. They were able to find their way past the various traps and challenges and discovered a chamber below the temple. It was here they discovered the lair of the followers of Dahak led by a Kobold Cleric named Jedda. The followers of The False Wyrm had captured a male elf and chained him to a dais in the room.

The battle was fierce and the enemy had lain traps to hinder our heroes but they were able to cut many of the Kobolds down. As the melee went against the Kobolds Jedda fled abandoning his remaining followers. Tiklak managed to convince the two remaining enemies to surrender before they were slain.

Upon interrogation the party learned that a large amount of the cult took their treasures and moved to an unknown location. They also learned that the prisoner was a Brass Dragon in the guise of an elf.

The dragon identified himself as Rinneth. He was the son of a great brass dragon named Zenithara who was a herald of Apsu. She had recently called him home and he was on his way when he was captured. He had no memory of his capture at the hands of the Kobolds and he was unable to break free because a collar strapped around his neck nullified his powers and kept him in his elf form. The party examined the collar but could find no way to remove it.

Rinneth decided he would first visit the University to try and find someone who would be able to remove his collar. The Iron Eagles decided to accompany Rinneth to the University to help him find someone who could remove the collar.

Adventure #5
Terror on the Trolley

After the Iron Eagles cleared the wizard tower for Martin’s old friend Ahrianna they took a few days to sell off their loot and then prepared to leave for home. Generously, Ahrianna bought the group chain trolley tickets on the well known twin chain trolley. During their ride they were ambushed by a wizard and his two Ogre thugs. The trio viciously attacked the trolley causing collateral damage killing an innocent man and a child. In mid fight they learned that the breaks of the trolley were damage and the train was in danger of colliding with the next vehicle on the chain. The battle was desperate, but with teamwork they managed to kill one of the Ogres. Then, as Maya, Ahrianna and Anthruium drove off the remaining Ogre and mage, the rest of the party looked to secure the passengers and stop the train from a deadly collision.

It would be Kenna who would locate the damage to the break line and used her wit to make an improvised repair by soldering the damage with her flame sword allowing the driver to slow the train and barely avoid the collision.

After the trolley limped it’s way to the lower station the party was met by the town guard and were promptly arrested. Some mischief from Anthurium led to a misunderstanding which nearly turned deadly for the party, however, they were able to calm the situation and, despite having to spend some extra time in jail, were released shortly after.

Upon returning home, the party learned from Martin that their assailants are known to him. They are agents of the Condottieri, a large Mercenary guild that tried to strong arm Martin into selling them the Iron Eagles. Martin warned his people to be wary of Condottieri agents but not to engage them unless they are themselves engaged first as the collateral damage could look bad for the guild.

4th Adventure
Guards and Wards

In this adventure Martin, leader of the Iron Eagles, received a letter from an old friend of his named Ahrianna. She requested some help to clear an abandoned mage tower at the University. Knowing there would be magic afoot Martin dispatched a team led by Anthurium to help Ahrianna in her quest. Upon arrival the party learned that the mage’s tower they would be pillaging belong to an old wizard named Paolo whom Ahrianna had apprenticed under. He died of natural causes with no family leaving Ahrianna with a right to claim the belongings in his tower. However, she had a strict time limit, and needed to pillage the tower before the University “reclaimed it.” Unfortunately Paolo had become paranoid and unpredictable in his last year of life and used both magical and mundane means to lay traps in the tower. Ahrianna herself had already fallen victim to a trap and would be unable to help the party. Ahrianna offered to let the party have 40% of whatever they found in the tower as long as they got her a special book she was looking for called “The Kingdom of Euskara.”

After agreeing to the split of the treasure the Iron Eagles set out to clear the old wizard’s tower. On their way to the tower they encountered a cryptic man with a scar across his eye traveling with an Ogre who made a veiled threat to the party suggesting they stop their mission and return home. Undaunted the Iron Eagles pressed on and arrived at the tower.

On the first floor they encountered many traps and creatures including a blue dragon being kept in captivity who the party was forced to slay. As they continued to climb the building the tower became more and more dangerous filled with traps and vicious creatures. They did find one friendly creature, a wax golem, who had somehow gained the ability to think for itself. Anthurium gave him the name “Viridius” which the golem happily accepted.

After meeting with Viridius the Iron Eagles pushed ahead to secure the tower. They fought their way through elementals and strange animated objects. They managed to find Ahrianna’s book in the library after being attacked by a swarm of animated books. Deciding to browse the book Takeshi learned that it was about an old Kingdom that used to lie where the Deadlands currently are. They made a copy of an old map for reference just in case this information became useful.

After finding the book the Iron Eagle’s managed to find the last room in the tower with a little help from Anthurium’s magic. They also found the means to open it with a little help from Takeshi’s manners. The last room turned out to be a strange ritual chamber. Inside a skeletal wizard and vicious trap guarded Paolo’s final treasure, his spell book. The battle with the skeleton and his minions was fierce and the room treacherous, but the Iron Eagles were undaunted. Through their might and magic and a little wit they claimed victory over the guardian and found their way out of the trapped room. Sadly, the spell book was mostly destroyed after the skeletal wizard was returned to his rest.

After the clearing the tower the party split the loot with Ahrianna. They spent several pleasant days relaxing at the University selling off Paolo’s wealth and teaching Viridius about the world. Now they prepare to return home. Ahrianna has asked to join them as Martin requested to see her…

3rd Adventure
The Revanant's Revenge

Cyrus, the Captain of the Pale Watch and the man responsible for keeping Lerallde safe from the undead living in the Deadlands, requested that Nikoli, the Doge of Herrien, provide him with some mercenaries for a mission. Remembering their success the Doge recommended the Iron Eagles.

Traditionally, requests from the Pale Captain must be honored for the good of Lerallde, so the Iron Eagles accepted the job even though they knew they couldn’t expect much pay.

When the Iron Eagles reached Garrison, the city of the Pale Watch, they met with Cyrus and learned that a retired Pale Watchman and wizard named Francis who now lived near Talia was being haunted by an undead. Cyrus asked the Iron Eagles to protect Francis, and, if possible found out why the undead were walking near Talia.

Cyrus told the Iron Eagles that he couldn’t send his own men because he was having a disagreement with the Prince of Talia. Cyrus refused to elaborate so Takeshi gathered information in the city and heard two rumors; one said the Prince of Talia was trying to hire Pale Watchmen as mercenaries and the other that the Prince was upset that the Pale Captain would not support a war the Prince was supposedly planning…

The next day the Iron Eagles began to escort Francis back to his estate near Talia. On the first night they were attacked by undead. Tiklak recognized one of the creatures as a Revanant, a monster pledged to destroy the one who murdered it in life. They managed to drive it off but Tiklak noticed that the creature seemed drawn to Francis. Suspicious he cast detect evil and recognized its stink on the old wizard. When he questioned Francis was evasive denying he knew anything about the creature. Tiklak was uncomfortable with Francis’s answers but the Eagles decided to continue protecting their charge until they could find the truth.

The next day just outside Francis’s estate the party was met by a Musketeer of Talia and a small party of guardsmen. The Musketeer insisted on inspecting the party’s carriage and after doing so attempted to seize the group’s ranged weapons. Tiklak refused to consent and used his powers as an inquisitor to intimidate the Talians and secured the party’s passage free of charge but not without trading insults.

The party arrived at Francis’s estate without further incident. When they arrived they became acquainted with the servants at Francis’s house and a small group of adventurers he hired to protect him.

Anthurium, suspicious of Francis, began to spy on him. He noticed that the old wizard seemed to be particularly interested in a scroll he kept in his study. Stealthily Anthurium stole the scroll but a trap alerted Francis to its theft. He began to tear his estate apart to find the scroll and it quickly became clear he was obsessed with it. Fearing he may be discovered Anthurium hid the scroll on some Talian Musketeers who came to the estate looking to arrest the party for the insults on the road. Francis detected the scroll with his magic and ordered the party and his adventurers to kill the musketeers and find the scroll.

In the melee the musketeers were defeated and the Eagles turned on Francis. They convinced Francis’s adventurers not to stop them by bribing them and promising them a position in the Mercenary Company. The Eagles successfully captured Francis and interrogated him learning that he had killed his best friend and his wife on accident and that’s who he believes the Revanant is. They also learned that the scroll the old wizard was so interested in promised him eternal life if he could complete the arcane and divine spell scribed on it.

The Eagles decided the best course of action was to bring Francis back to Garrison to stand trial. With the adventurers aid they were able to slay the Revanant on the road back ending its threat.

Once the party arrived back at Garrison they turned Francis in. He is now imprisoned there awaiting execution. Cyrus expressed his thanks to the Eagles for a job well done.

Returning home Anthurium vouched for Francis’s adventurers so they could join the Iron Eagles. Martin agreed to allow them into the guild but made Anthurium responsible for them.

2nd Adventure
The Clockwork Colossus

A lord named Peregrine Lovett hired the Iron Eagles to find some of his horses that had gone missing. The party discovered an infestation of Vegepygmies on the estate who were living in old ruins. After dealing with the infestation the party explored the rest of the ruins and discovered an old elven artifacory protected by clockwork constructs which were repairing a colossal construct deep in the ruins. The party successfully destroyed the construct before it could be repaired to ravage the countryside.

1st Adventure
Intrigue in Herrien

Premise: The Doge of Herrien has been murdered. An unknown assassin struck him down with an arrow while he was out on business in the city. Now a week after his death, rumors in the city say the Doge was killed by someone close to him. Some say it was another house, others, someone in his house.

Now that public grieving is over it’s time for the family’s keening. The Doge’s wife will be making her way to the city temples for her own grieving. The Iron Eagles have been hired to ensure that what happened to the Doge does not also happen to her.

Adventure Log: The Iron Eagles accompanied the Lady Petra on her tour of the cities major temples during her keening time. During the tour she was attacked by an assassin. The party prevented the assassination and captured the assassin Akemi who they discovered was an obsidian assassin of the same organization as Takeshi.

The party learned that the assassin was hired by Nikoli the late Doge’s son to kill his step-mother. Nikoli claimed this was because Petra had orchestrated his own fathers death and he learned this after capturing Akemi. Rather than kill the assassin he decided to hire him to kill his step-mother and end whatever plot she had.

The party suggested that Petra need not be killed and Nikoli offered to hire the party to find evidence of Petra’s involvement. The party agrees to this and successfully discovers a contract of the obsidian assassins implicating Petra.

After this discovery Nikoli attempted to end his contract with this obsidian assassin, but, these contracts cannot be voided. Akemi made a new attempted but was foiled again by the party and killed by Anthurium.

After Akemi is killed Nikoli calls the city council together and indicts Petra. With the evidence that the party discovered she in convicted in short order and made a ward of Nikoli.

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