Assassin From the Obsidian Order


If you keep your sword drawn and wield it about, then no one will dare approach you and you will have no allies. If you never draw your sword, it will dull and rust and you will be assumed to be feeble.
- Assassin Scroll of Conduct vol 3.

Name: Takeshi
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Affiliation: Obsidian Order, Iron Eagles
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Physical Characteristics:
Brown hair
Faint glowing green eyes.
Leopard like spots appearing laterally beginning in the cervical neck region continuing downward terminating on the pelvis.
Scar (line) on right palm.
tattoo on back of neck depicting a hand squeezing blood from a gem stone.

Takeshi has only ever known a life with the Obsidian Order. He was raised from a very early age at the Order’s headquarters, the Obsidian Citadel. This wasn’t entirely unique as interpretations of the assassin’s maxim require the care of a contract’s children should indifference to their fate mean death for the child. These children brought to the order are often referred to as “the chosen sons and daughters of Izanami”, because they are seen as having been born twice. Once into the world, and once into the order. Upon entering the citadel at the age of 4 he was given the standard initiation rites for any future assassin. What followed were years of training and development of skills required for service to the order and Queen of Carrion.

At the age of 18, as an initiate, Takeshi was taken on his first mission outside the citadel by his primary instructor, sensei Haruhi. Wishing to test the skills that she had been teaching Takeshi, Haruhi accepted a side contract for several low-level thugs in the city of Onagawa. Haruhi was pleased with the results of her years of training as Takeshi easily dispatched with these lowlifes. Upon the completion of this first contract Haruhi had one final lesson to teach. Her words echo in Takeshi’s mind to this day.

Takeshi, this final lesson you won’t find in any book or taught by any other assassin in the citadel. I want you to take it to heart, and share it with no one. One day its meaning will become clear to you. Even if it seems certain that you will lose, retaliate. Neither wisdom nor technique has a place in this. A true warrior does not think of victory or defeat. He plunges recklessly towards an irrational death. By doing this, and this alone, will you awaken from your dreams.
-Sensei Haruhi to Takeshi on the final day of training

From that day Haruhi insisted that Takeshi regard her as a sister rather than his sensei. He still has a great deal of respect for her and often refers to her as senpai Haruhi despite being a full member of the order.

For the next 10 years the two would be paired by the Carrion Queen for many difficult contracts. If something seemed impossible the two of them would always rise to the occasion as far more than the sum of their parts. As a team they were responsible for the destruction of the Starlight Caravan Company, the fall to anarchy of Kawajima, and the assassination of the Dark Lord Zaren Emberblade. The elf and Tiefling team seemed to be an unstoppable force of nature.

On his 28th birthday Takeshi was summoned for a private audience with the Carrion Queen. In accordance with tradition during a private audience he cut his palm deeply with the ceremonial obsidian dagger and placed his bleeding hand on the ground kneeling in reverence. (This is the origin of the scar on his right hand.) Much of this meeting has been forgotten by Takeshi however what he does remember is that the Carrion Queen had him write what was supposed to be his name in blood on a strange tome. Takeshi remembers however, what what was written was not his name but something else. Confiding in Haruhi later he learned that what had happened was that the Queen had taken his name and given him a new one. Every assassin he knew now knew him as Takeshi and had no recollection of any previous name. Haruhi also surmised that she had taken more memories as well based on the confusion that Takeshi was feeling. The pair thought this was peculiar but agreed that the Queen knew best, and was within her right to do as she saw fit.

Several days later Takeshi received orders from the Carrion Queen that he was to travel to Lurallde, meet up with the mercenary band Iron Eagles, and await further instructions. This was not his first mission without his elf partner but he couldn’t help but feel as though this was something more than just another job.


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